Connecto to a IRC channel on Adium startup

To make the script execute when Adium starts up:
Create and save an AppleScript with the following code:
tell application "Adium"
GetURL ("irc://")
end tell

Edit appropriately and save it wherever you like.

With Adium in as the frontmost application, choose Adium > Preferences...
Select the "Events" toolbar item in the Preferences window.
Find and select the "New email notification" event in the list of events.
Click the "+" button to add a new action to the "You connect" event.
From the Action popup menu, choose "Run an AppleScript".
Click the "Browse" button and choose the script you just saved.
Click OK.

Restart Adium and see if it works


  1. There's an easier way - just go to your IRC account preferences in Adium, then Options, and put

    join #channel

    in 'Execute commands on connect'. You can put as many as you like in there, and execute any other IRC commands you like.

  2. Thank you so much Roberto and Pat!


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