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CAS & Webcalendar

In brief Install webcalendar, change the login page so that it uses phpCas instead of the webcalendar login form, tell webcalendar to use user-cas.php to retrieve users from the database, fix the logout so that it calls the CAS server. Step by step get and install webcalendar (v. 1.0.2) get phpCas (v. 0.4.20-1) copy the CAS directory from phpCas inside the web calendar distribuition replace login.php with this one add the file user-cas.php in the includes directory make sure the includes/settings.php contains those settings: user_inc: user-cas.php cas_host: //change to your cas server cas_port: 443 // HTTPS default port cas_context: cas // The J2EE context you deployed your cas server into edit includes/trailer.php : Add a logout=true parameter to the logout url: change the string $login_url = "login.php" $login_url = "login.php?return_path=$login_return_path"" to $login_url = "login.php?logout=true" $login_url = "log

CAS & Magnolia

In brief Magnolia uses a filter to intercept those urls which are secured and used basic auth to authenticate a user. Once the authentication is done, magnolia uses the Authenticator class to read username and password from the http header and checks the credential with the one stored in the repository. Replacing this filter with a customized one using CAS to authenticate the user and replacing the Authenticator class with one which reads the credential from the HttpSession does the trick. The new Authenticator does not need to check the password in the repository since once the control reaches it, the CAS filter has already taken care of the authentication. The problem I like Magnolia, but its source is not well made for customization! It uses a lot of static methods which means that if you have to customize any part of it you need to phisically replace the class you want to customize. Step by step Download magnolia source code through svn. I used magnolia 2.1.6 Add the CAS filter to

It is back!

After a lot of waiting, I finally got a new G5. Thank you Apple for letting me wait more than a month....