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The running season has started

[fa:p:a=midnattsloppet-2006,id=2235835650,j=l,s=s,l=i] And I mean not for this year. I mean for this life. I always thought that running was a quite boring sport but after the bike accident I had before the summer I had not much to do than run. Initially I started thinking about the 10 km of the Midnattsloppet . I heard about it when I first came to Stockholm, a friend of mine (Alberto Costa) planned to run it. For me looked like something impossible, as I was occupying my time with one cigarette after one ather. When I was in Rotonda this summer I felt that I needed to do something to give a meaning to this summer. And I started running. First 3 or 4 km, then more. First having a lot of pauses then less and less. When I told my girlfriend I was going for the Middnattsloppet and she was like "yeah, right, good luck...", not really believing to my summer project. But the more the time was running the more I was running. Back to Stockholm I went for my first 10 km. I run around