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Installing Box Backup on a ReadyNas NV+ (sparc)

I'm jetlagged so what do I do? I install Box Backup on my NetGear ReadyNas NV+. A while ago I have in fact built my own little datacenter in my loft. There I store all my music and most importantly the backup for all the pictures that I take. It is a raid 5 so if one of the disks breaks down, I can still recover 100% of the data. But what happens if it gets stolen or something really bad happens? I will loose everything so I need to have another backup copy of my data somewhere else. Meet : The backup daemon,  bbackupd , runs on all machines to be backed up. The store server daemon,  bbstored  runs on a central server. Data is sent to the store server, which stores all data on local filesystems, that is, only on local hard drives. Tape or other archive media is not used. The ReadyNas NV+ has a Sparc CPU and at the moment there are no official builds for this platform so I had to build it myself. It took a while to find the right setup so let me shar