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The little yellow book of vaccinations

I have almost filled my yellow book with vaccinations. You get it when you contact NHS and make an appointment with your closest travel clinic. I went to my usual surgery Sterndale in Hammersmith. The nurse recommended to get Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Rabies and the compulsory Yellow Fever. Some of them require more than one shot so make sure to start your treatment at least 3 weeks before you leave. I am also going to get an anti malaria treatment but for that I need another appointment. The injection are almost harmless so don't be scared. Be scared of the bill though as some of those vaccines are not free and cost up to 40£ per short. And yes, you can also use private clinics as Nomad (STA Travel) but it will cost you more.

South America & Greece: a strange combination

I finally booked all the flights to my adventurous journey to South America. My wife and I will be there for two weeks. On our return to Europe we'll head to Greece for a week. Crazy? Maybe, but we really need to spend some time in the sun to recharge from the rainy London winter (can you believe it is summer?) and there was nothing compatible with our timing. In fact, to fly from Brazil to the Caribbean islands, the only option was to fly to Miami and back! This is the detailed plan: * Buenos Aires - got family down there * Iguazu/Iguassu - need to visit the falls and the world's largest dam * Manaus - we'll stay in the Amazon forest for a few days. I want to see the sloth! * Rio de Janeiro - Corcovado & co at least! * London - unpack and pack * Corfu - battery recharging