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Basterd Marcus - a London flat odyssey

As today I've not yet moved into my flat although I've been paying the rent for almost three weeks. When I checked in, on the 11th of August, the flat was in disgusting conditions. It had not been cleaned at all and stuff of the previous tenant was still inside. Luckily enough we had insisted that a list of works to be done had to be put in writing in the contract. None of the works had been done, although contractually the landlord had a few more days to comply with his duty. But not the cleaning. The cleaning had to be done before I moved in and they had had an extra week to do it properly. After a first immediate solicitation nothing happened. At some point somebody went in and vacuum cleaned the carpet in one of the rooms: ridiculous! I felt like they were making fun of me. I escalated the problem to my relocation company and to Google HR which had helped me getting the contract. I just wanted to break the lease and live the landlord to the next victim. Unfortunately there