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Last week I got 30, and I also got chicken pox. My mother was sure I had already got it when I was very young. She was definitely wrong. I actually thought about publishing a picture of me while infected but then I thought that my reputation could be seriously hurt by such a thing. Now I have definitely something in common with my little god daughter Stella, since it was her that gave me the infection on her 1st birthday party. I imagine myself in a few years telling her stories about my youth and about how we are linked together by stuff in our blood :-D I first saw some bubbles on my body last Sunday (day 1) and it was not hard to check on the internet that those bubbles really looked like chicken pox. But my mother had told med... I was immune! I slept very little that night and in the morning a doctor confirmed that I had been infected (it is called vattkoppor in Swedish) The first two days were not bad, no itchy at all and not so many bubbles, mainly in the neck and in the head.