Home Assistant in Docker on MacOs BigSur


  1. Install brew. Follow instructions on https://brew.sh/

  2. Install virtualbox

    1. # brew install virtualbox

  3. Install docker-machine

    1. # brew install docker-machine

    2. # brew services start docker-machine

  4. If you want the machine to run at boot (rather than at login)

    1. Move your launchd configuration file homebrew.mxcl.docker-machine.plist from $USER/Library/LaunchAgents to /Library/LaunchDaemons

    2. Add a user directive: 



    1. Make sure the permissions are right:

# sudo chmod root.wheel homebrew.mxcl.docker-machine.plist

  1. Install docker

    1. # brew install docker

  2. Create a virtual machine

    1. # docker-machine create --driver=virtualbox default

  3. Setup docker environment (you will need this every time you open a new shell)

    1. # eval $(docker-machine env default)

  4. Setup your “default” virtualbox to forward any relevant port. 

    1. Settings -> Network -> Adapter 1 -> Nat -> Advanced

In my case I forward 1880 for NodeRed, 8123 for HomeAssistant and 8080 for Apache


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