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During Lidingöloppet I got the "Iliotibial band friction syndrome" (also kalled löparknä in Swedish). It hurts like hell at the side of the left knee and after I while and I have to stop doing any kind of activitiy and just sit down. It sucks. I thought I was in control of my body but the effort made for the race has given me some consequences. I got a time at the physiotherapist, he should help me to recover in a few weeks.


Today I took an electrocardiogram (EGC or EKG as it is spellt in Swedish) just to be sure that I'm ok before I start training for the Vasaloppet seriously. I had token a couple of them when I was little and member of a football club in Rotonda. My heart runs fine so I don't have to worry and I don't have excuses :-D The doctor told me to save the diagram for a future reference, If I ever should have problems with my heart it would be usefull to compare a new diagram with the one I took today.