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jfokus 2007

Today I attended at jfokus , a conference on java and on its future now that Sun is moving to the open-source world. I found most of the presentations of pretty low level and some of them of low quality. Maybe they just had to announce what kind of knowledge an attendant was supposed to have. Moreover, the names of the presentation was often misleading in my opinion. As I suspected, the smoke which has been raised around the Rails/Ruby has also contaminated the java world with the jRuby stuff. But it is all smoke as I said and I can't wait to see the moment in which the Rails phenomena will provide anything really useful to the business world. A speech that I found interesting was the presentation of Spring web-services by Arjen Poutsma from Interface21. Anyway, it was nice to be at the conference and be reminded that there is life out there in the programming World!

Vasaloppet here I come

Last week I finally had the opportunity to practise some cross country skiing. The snow has finally come to Stockholm and, altough not a lot, it was enough to let me go on a couple of trips. Check my training schedule on FunBeat In about a month I will run for "öppet spår", one of the cross country events part of the vasaloppet 's week.

MVC Expert på svenska!

Infoflex har pubblicerat en ny sajt för att lansera våra MVC konsult -tjänsterna. Genom denna nya sajten kommer vi att erbjuda mentorskap, utveckling och drift av MVC applikationer baserat mest på Spring och Hibernate men också på Rails och andra teknologier.

MVC Expert

We at Infoflex have published a new website to remark the new business we have started this year. Through this site we will provide consulting and mentoring for MVC projects, mostly based on Spring and Hibernate but also on other technologies as Rails. The site is mainly in Swedish since our company is located in Stockholm (Sweden).

Spring consulting at Pricerunner

Since last monday I'm working at Pricerunner as a consultant to help them with the refactoring of their application. The problem they want to address is the dispatching of urls to the Spring MVC. Their office is located in Stockholm, quite close to mine so it is no problem to move from one place to the other. Söker du också en Spring MVC konsult ?