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Connecto to a IRC channel on Adium startup

To make the script execute when Adium starts up: Create and save an AppleScript with the following code: tell application "Adium" GetURL ("irc://") end tell Edit appropriately and save it wherever you like. With Adium in as the frontmost application, choose Adium > Preferences... Select the "Events" toolbar item in the Preferences window. Find and select the "New email notification" event in the list of events. Click the "+" button to add a new action to the "You connect" event. From the Action popup menu, choose "Run an AppleScript". Click the "Browse" button and choose the script you just saved. Click OK. Restart Adium and see if it works

How I spent a long weekend in Mountain View

As it was my first time in California, I did some research to find out how to spend my long 3 days long weekend (labour day on Monday). I got a lo of suggestions which I summarized on my previous post and here I will narrate what I have actually done do that it can be a reference to anyone in my same situation. Friday: Computer History Museum and running along Steven's creek trail [fa:p:id=3891382528,j=l,s=s,l=p] After a lunch at the Mongolian Barbecue in Castro street downtown Mountain View, I took my bike to the Computer History Museum, on the way to the Google campus, 15 minutes away from downtown. The museum has a free entrance and guided tours are also available for free. Don't miss it! The guides are so nice and make the visit a nice experience for anybody, even for non-computer people. I stayed at the museum for about 2 and half hours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Among the funny things you can see there there is the first Mac ever built, with a wood chassy and the signature &qu

Things to do in Mountain View

I'm in Mountain View for a couple of weeks and since it happens to be also labour day I asked people around on what to do during the week-end. I put the summary here so that other visitors in the San Francisco area can take a look at it. By bike Bike the Golden Gate Bridge (It's about 15-20 km and may take a couple of hours). You can rent a bike in San Francisco , bike to Sausalito or all the way to Tiburon, spend some time there and then take the ferry back to SF Bike or walk along the waterfront in San Francisco is nice. You may even combine this with the Golden Gate Bridge bike ride Bike (but beware of the many annoying hills and cars everywhere!) You can take a bike on CalTrain to San Francisco. The bike car is the last car on the train. Bike on a road bike along the east bay with Walking Visit Alcatraz (tickets must be reserved in advance) Walk around in San Francisco with a guided tour: