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My Power Mac is dead

I was never satisfied with my G5. It was very noisy compared all the machines I have had lately. A couple of weeks ago the hard-disk started making horrible sound: I immediately made a backup and brought it to the nearest Mac support center. After 2 weeks queue, the technician calls me back and says: "Bad news: I had to order a new fan and a new power supply, I could not boot it anymore after the first try. Unfortunately the power supply will be available not before february 20th! If I were you I will try to get the whole unit replaced". Whauhu, very happy...NOT

A feature not a bug!

A dangerous bug has been discovered in almost all windows versions. The WMF vulnerability can affect you if you visit homepages or receive email with malicious content. Do not open email containing attachment from people you don't know. To minimize the risk, use Firefox ant Thunderbird, the best browser and the best mail client ever made.