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Maven: The Definitive Guide

I have been looking for you for ages. I wanted to know all of your secrets, not just guess them from the POM reference or from the maven official documentation, which is very poor in same cases. Where have you been? Finally I found you, Maven Definitive Guide !

Corsair memory upgrade for ReadyNas NV+

I just got my Corsair Value Select  1GB DDR1 400Mhz PC3200 (VS1GSDS400/EU) memory module and installed on my ReadyNas NV+. I've run the memory test twice and it works like a charm. Unfortunately my SqueezeCenter is not much faster..., but this is an other story :-(

What a mistake: case-sensitive HFS on my mac book

I got a new macbook (alu) and since I once happened to overwrite a file because the default file system for OS X is case-insensitive, I thought I would be smart in reformatting the hard-disk before installing anything and changing the partition to case-sensitive (use DiskUtility to do so just after booting from the Leopard cd). Unfortunately, it proved to be a bad choice since many applications are not written for a case-sensitive filesystem (see Adobe Photoshop Elements, f.i.). That pissed me off! Probably an ordinary Mac user will have an happy life with a case-insensitive fs but since I have a linux background it seems very unnatural to me. Nevermind, I tried to find a way to convert my fs to case-insensitive without having to reinstall everything. I first tried restoring with a TimeMachine backup, after having reformatted the disk case-insensitive but the backup restored the whole partition as case-sensitive. The solution seemed to be to fully reinstall OS-X from scratch and when i