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Unit testing with Javascript

I’m a big fan of unit testing. Everybody who has been working with me knows it. Unit testing makes you sleep well at night. If you have not understood the advantage of unit testing your code you should really try to do it! Lately I’ve been working a lot with Javascript for obvious reasons. Ajax is very hype and if more and more websites require a deep knowledge of the Javascript secrets. Javascript is not hard but some common mistakes can make your development a pain. Projects get larger and larger and you really need to have good tools to help you not having to pray every time you make a small change. I will not try to convince you to test your code (maybe I will try in an other article) but I will show you a couple of tricks I use when testing my code. To run the unit tests I use jsUnit which is a port of the famous jUnit. It is pretty simple to install and if you have used jUnit you basically know how to use it. Javascript is a dynamic language. It means that you can change the pr

Innebandy at Frescati Hallen (Stockholm)

Time is up! The innebandy season for Bandydos is beginning next week. If you are in Sweden and want to play innebandy (aka floorbal) please visit our site on playing innebandy in Stockholm