Corsair memory upgrade for ReadyNas NV+

Memory moduleI just got my Corsair Value Select  1GB DDR1 400Mhz PC3200 (VS1GSDS400/EU) memory module and installed on my ReadyNas NV+. I've run the memory test twice and it works like a charm.

Unfortunately my SqueezeCenter is not much faster..., but this is an other story :-(


  1. Thanks for the report. Have you found any way to speed up the performance of SqueezeCenter? I have a Sqeezebox Touch with an NV+ and browsing is extremely slow. Have you tried upgrading to version 6 of Squeezecenter?

  2. I found a small increase (6% to 26%) in Read/Write speed with PC-router-ReadyNAS NV+ by upgrading to Crucial 1Gb memory, as documented on a little wiki that I wrote:


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