Welcome to the list: 120th place

The Swedish company ÅF has been looking for consultants.

To gain some visibility they built a flash based website on which you could solve some programming exercises. Besides getting a wider spread of candidates, they surely succeeded making the "job application" more interesting.

They said they were going to offer a job to the first 100 in the list and give out some prices.

I was not looking for a job but I could not resist the temptation and I had to spend a few hours solving the problems. At the end I got to the 120th place (too bad...they will not offer my a job which I could have refused :-)

For those who are curious, at the end, to get into the list, it was not a matter of being able to solve the problems but to solve them fast. Surely the guy who got into the first place succeeded in automating the procedure somehow.

You can see the list on www.welcometothelist.com


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