My 3rd Midnattsloppet

Last Saturday I run my third Midnattsloppet in 50m52s (10 km). It was the fastest I have ever run I guess and since last week I did not feel very well I'm very satisfied. I had some problems after 7 km where my stomach was giving me some problems but after resting for about a minute I could start run again.

If I use the results of the previous years I can see that I've been improving my running quite a lot:

  • 2008 50.52

  • 2007 53.05

  • 2006 57:02

I think I can now start practising for the Lidingöloppet, which is 30 km and much harder. But at least I feel well


  1. Hey Roberto,
    I see you ran the midnattsloppet for the 3rd time last year! Well done with your progressive times! I ran it in stockholm in 2007 in a time of 56.23...not bad considering I was still smoking back then and only trained for two weeks beforehand! Gee, I cant believe I actually smoked.
    I hope to make it back to Sweden this year to run.I havent entered yet, but I am running in training as if I am entered.
    I have a question and was wondering if you knew the answer since you have been in a few races. I would be aiming to run under 50 min this time, and should have been in group 2 with that time. But since I have left it late, all the positions have gone in group 2, right down to group 6. Could I enter with group 7, then start with the runners from group 2? Would my time piece work when I crossed the finish line to commence? I was just wondering cause I didnt want to start way back in group 7 if I do actually get to stockholm on the 15th of August.
    Hope youre there this year, I may see you!
    Michael from Cairns Australia


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