how to zoom to 100% with iPhoto

I love iPhoto. It just bugged me that I could not zoom to "100%" to compare my pictures at their original resolution. I just found out that if you select one or more photos, right click and "edit in a separate window" you can choose the zooming level from a scroll down menu! Great!


  1. Hi Robert! Thanks for the tip (found via Google) however just found out you can use this method by selecting just a single photo

    OR an even easier way is:
    Double click a photo, THEN click EDIT, then a little sliding zoom bar appears on the bottom right allowing you to zoom to 100%!! :)

    Thanks so much for putting us in the right track! :))

  2. use "option+1" = 100% or "option+2" = 200% or the key 0 to fit on screen or use 1,2,0 without the option key


  4. is correct


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