I broke my elbows on the bike

Then days ago I was riding my bike on the way to work. I had only ridden for a couple of Km, I was going up the "Albano" hill, just after Stockholm University.

I was not very fast but I was not going slow either. A guy in front of me suddenly stopped, he had some problems with his chain. I tried to take over but an other rider came from the other side, I hadn't seen her. I pressed the brakes instinctively, too hard. My front wheel blocked and I flew around it. Luckly for the other riders around me, I did not fall on anybody, limiting the damages.

My elbows could not stand the pressure against the stairing wheel and broke. I did not think it was so serious and, after resting for 5 minutes, I went all the way to the office. There I understood that it was better to go and check with the doctors: fracture in both elbows, 4 weeks to recover.
I have to stay home for four weeks. Luckly I did not get plasters but I cannot do very much. I got some exercise to do so that the bones do not glue together. I can't stay at the computer for more than 15 minutes otherwise my arms and my shoulders hurt. Sorry if someone has waited an answer from me for ages... I can move my arms quite well now but still think that is hard to do almost everything.


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