Sunday, 15 July 2012

Worth using a specialized travel blog?

I'm planning a trip to South America (I was supposed to go there for my honey moon last year but I had to cancel) and I thought that maybe I should start documenting my trips a bit better.

Is it worth to start using a more specialized blogging site? I am not sure I want to create yet another account so maybe I should stick with blogger and just give it a little more attention than I have given to it in the past. After all, I'm all Google and Google also pays my salary so why not?

It is a must though to be able to compose on my phone, when offline. Most of the time I would be blogging on a plane or abroad with no roaming.

It would be nice as well to be able to post location updates and to be able to quickly and neatly share to my social network sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (and yes, Google+ rocks but many of my friends are still not there)

I'll give the blogger iPhone app a go and see what I think, stay tuned!

FYI, the picture I'm attaching here has nothing to do with this post but I should be trying image uploading as well so there you go a photo of one of my favorite artist's masterpieces (Picasso, from the San Francisco Moma - museum of modern art)

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